Aquilina Bertone 5

This is basically a shameless plug and recommendation for Sebastian Aquilina's instruments.  If you get a chance check out his work.  I Recently got an amazing deal on a Bertone 5  bass for under $2,000 used on  and am super excited about it! 

Recorded a short clip on the way out to lunch:

I hope to do a short video review of the instrument soon as well as give a review of Felix Pastorius's new bass book's "Scales from Rhythm and Outer Space... aka Tetra Cocktails" and "Just A.S.I.P. (accenting symmetrical intervallic patterns) of Coffee & The Chromatic Scale"


The luthier Sébastien Aquilina hand builds the instruments from his workshop in Rennes, Brittany:

Checking out the website the list price for the Bertone series starts around $3200 without options.  I believe that this model gives the Fodera Standard series a run for it's money in terms of sound, playability and build quality. 

Recently sold my Fodera Matt Garrison Standard for moneys and was not %100 pleased with the Mayones Jabba Classic 5 in terms of build quality (questionable neck and preamp issues) so was in the market for a high quality instrument for cheaper. Definitely looking for a certain sound closer to Fodera and hopefully something close in terms of build quality.

Hadrien Feraud

Dominique Di Piazza

Richard Bona @ 2:10


Specifically I was looking for specific used basses to show up on talkbass or reverb (a potentially long and frustrating process):

* Fodera Standard series 5 (used no less than $4,000)

*Ken Smith Burner 5 or Sleek Elite's Hadrien Feraud Signature (no less than $3,000)

*David Segals NYBW (no less than $3500)

*Mayones Hadrien Feraud signature ($3200 havent seen one used yet)

*Ken Lawrence 5 (around $3000)


Listed below are some of the specs:

• Mahogany body (with Walnut dust added to yield a richer color)
• Flamed sycamore top
• Maple neck, one piece, with walnut binding; 34" scale
• Flamed sycamore fretboard, 24 frets with zero fret
• Agullar pickups with push-pull coil tapping
• John East preamp, push-pull active/passive
• 8 lbs 10 ounces

Internal Power

For my internal martial artist friends... Pleasure of taking a couple lessons with Mark Cohen in Hawaii opened my world to true internal power and the possibility of it being used into old age. Didn't' understand or even grok what was being implied until recently. Internal power not excessive muscle power or forcing your way through. Being smart finding the correct angles and utilizing the specific taiji energies.  Solving in many ways "how does a smaller older person defeat a larger younger opponent ? "

Doesn't matter what art.... Mastery occurs when someone discovers internal power and then the details and physics of how to use it.  Methods clearly explain how to develop internal power and wave mechanics.... step by step in old yang style taijiquan.

Check out: